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Customer Testimonials

“I’ve appreciated handcrafted & small business even more. The love and passion that often goes into their craftsmanship is worth its weight in gold.
So last month I asked @deancreates to create a bowl with an elephant for me. We are avid elephant collectors – and after watching him create a different bowl, I knew he would nail this for me. And you guys he did. He killed this. This beautiful work of art and woodworking is more than anything I could ask for.”



“You know how you are a grown up? Because you get excited about ordering a cutting board!
My picture does this board no justice at all. But it’s a thing of beauty. When I tell you I’m in love, I mean it! If you’re into amazing and quality craftsmanship then you need to check @deancreates1 out!”



“Received a very nice little package in the mail today. My very own container of Board Buttah from my buddy Dean, and it traveled a long way diagonally across the US from Washington state. The directions for use are the BEST of any product I have ever seen in my life, and I’m no youngster. Check out his page @deancreates1 and look for the recent post of Board Buttah and read them for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.”



“Shout out to @deancreates for the custom made @festool_usa cubbies! Thanks man, these are perfect in so many ways! They will be used to hold the kayak, and after it is done I’ll make room under my tall workbench for them to be parked out of the way.”